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Milo Manara


Milo Manara 

(real name of Maurilio Manara) Italy, the creator of comics (the writer and the artist) was born on September 12, 1945 in Luson, Italy.


Manara started his carreer working as an assistant to the Spanish sculptor Berrokal in Malaga.  There he learns and faultlessly uses the knowledge of a human body and advanced skills of the academic drawing.


His debut as an artist was in 1969 with drawings for a series of pocket books.


In 1976 the album "Monkey King" is published – the comics adaptation of the well-known Chinese novel of the 15th century. This was done in collaboration with the writer  Silverio Pisu. The French edition of this album has brought Manara a great success.


After that in 1976-1978 Manara illustrates five episodes of "History of France in drawings", and  in 1979 creates the comic book version of two stories from the series "World Opening". In the same manner he works on the collection "history of China" and the first volume "History of Italy" (Mandradori's edition, 1978), and in the 80's he becomes known world-wide for his comic book novel "Big Adventure".


Manara has earned his reputation as the creator of erotic comics about the elegant, beautiful women who appear in improbable or fantastic situations. Gioco, 1983, (also known as Click), Il Profumo dell'invisibile, 1986, Hidden Camera, 1988 - all these stories are based on explicit adventures.


In the follwoing years Manara continued to develop the direction of erotic comics in a unique visual and narrative manner.

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